Oh my soul, find peace in the stillness. In the dark silhouette of tree on sky, mountain on the fire in the clouds, find the calm you are choking for. Listen now, slow the beat and listen, all things will find their way to you, all things will settle and the lacks will flood over once more. Have no fear, for you have passed through the darkness and carry the stains of color and residue of light from before it surrounded you.

Sweet Spirit:  Sometimes I am tempted to force my life into a particular order or pattern.  And then I wonder why I feel worn out, at the same time pushing constantly to make the pieces of me fit a particular picture.  Today, I relax into Your indwelling presence.  I release my need to make things happen and accept what is.

I know that You are at work in and through me now.  I know that all things are working together for the greatest good.  Thank You for peace which floods my mind and soul.  From this place of peace, I bless the world.  And so it is.  Amen.

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