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Angels are everywhere, distributed about, as officers of the world, with equal power, zeal and kindness.     ~ John Colet    ~

There are angels everywhere, but there are many instances throughout the day where we are assisted by angels and we don’t even realize!  Help from an angel may come to you unexpectedly during a casual phone call from a friend, something you read in a book, newspaper or magazine, from a conversation between strangers you inadvertently overheard. The main thing is to be aware and open to any help they might be trying to give.

Angels are God’s gift to each and everyone of us. Every one of us is deserving of their Angelic presence. To experience the existence of the Angels is for all of us. They are all around us. The are with us when we are at work, at rest, at lunch;  they are with us constantly. Angels surround us in the ups and the downs of life and living. We have the choice to believe. Open your heart and receive.

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