Life, like a good book, often comes full circle.    ~ Richard Paul Evans (Michael Keddington’s Journal, The Carousel)    ~

When you’re young, you can’t take care of yourself, you depend on others. This also happens in old age, you depend on others for your care. It also means that events and relationships are cyclical, that they have a beginning and an ending, and often leave you back where you started once the cycle is completed. Though hopefully, you’ve learned something from the experience.

Being with a young one or an old person for a long measure of time teaches you more lessons than all your schooling and University studies combined. No kidding, you try various permutations and combinations about how to handle them at their worst and at their best, it is no less than a roller coaster ride on a loop. You have no option of ever taking a break from being understanding or being nice. People in these two age groups are just too similar to go without a notice.  It’s the circle of our lives.

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