If we were all like angels, the world would be a heavenly place. We would live in the spirit of Love, as everyone would be connected to Source. We would love each other as ourselves and our hearts would be looking upward.  There would be no poverty, no famine, and no want. Abundance, love and generosity would prevail. We would experience no lack, no poverty and no sickness. The world would be alive, celebrating the spirit of harmony and Love.

A long time ago, I took a walk down a street in Harlem in New York City. I came upon a man who asked me for a dollar. He had asked a few other people before me, but they only passed him by without glancing his way. I stopped and handed the man some money. As I began to turn away, he reached out and shook my hand. He looked me in the eyes and said, “I will bless you.” Now, I’m not saying that was God Himself. But how do we know that it wasn’t someone working for him, walking around in disguise, just to see what we would do? ~ Muhammad Ali, The Soul of a Butterfly

Angels are intelligent, powerful and invisible spirit beings. They protect, guide, encourage and assist all of us. We welcome our angels at

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