I have wondered if I am trying to force a life.  While the life I lead may not match the picture in my head, perhaps the one offered me is just as full of joy, its pigments just as bright, just not what I expected.
~ Richard Paul Evans (The Locket)  ~  

Be honest with yourself. Even though life hasn’t turned out the way you had planned, it does not mean that you have failed.  Don’t be discouraged, there is a plan in the Universe for each one of us.  When you try so hard to create a life that you want, the universe may decide otherwise.   How you choose to respond to it is what matters.   Life doesn’t always look like we expected or even wanted, and for that we should rejoice and be glad.

Get set on what you want your life to look like, see it in your mind, and feel good about it. If you spend your days with no clear idea of what you want to accomplish—or worse, worrying about things that are out of your control—you’ll find yourself the protagonist of your own sad little tragedy.

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