It would be nice to have peace of mind, to learn to be calm no matter what goes on around us. But as long as we make those things objects of our desire, we have already identified that we are lacking them, thus keeping our “self” from experiencing peace. Your brain and your mind are two separate entities. Most important, you will understand that YOU are the one in control of your life – not that voice in the back of your head.

Silence can be calm or frightening, lonely or joyful, deep or thin. There is religious silence; a self-emptying silence, and romantic silence, called the “bliss of solitude”. Silencing the mind does not make us less productive, it actually has the opposite effect. When we slow down, clear the mind and focus upon the task at hand, we actually become more productive.

Tips to silence your mind: When a thought arises, visualize hoovering it up into your breath, swallowing it and then eliminating its presence by breathing it out of your body as you exhale. Don’t focus on what the thought represents or means in relation to your life. Simply pull it into the sea of oxygen and allow it to be dissolved by your breath before it multiplies.

The highest level of prayer is not a prayer for anything.  It is a deep and profound silence, in which we allow ourselves to be still and know Him.  In that silence, we are changed.  We are calmed.  We are illumined.  Prayer is meant to dissolve the worldly focus, to dissolve our sense of a separate self, to help us detach from an insane world order.  We pray that He might flood our minds.  Prayer is like pouring hot water on an ice cube, melting the cold and encrusted thought forms that still surround our hearts.   ~ Marianne Williamson ~  

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