We’d like to be risen in consciousness, but we’re down here in the thought forms that dominate this planet, and we say, “When these conditions change, then I’ll believe it and I’ll rise up.”  But our job is to use the power of our mind.

A Course in Miracles says, “The greatest power that God has given you to change the world is your power to change your mind about the world.”  So what that means is that we are meant to look at the world, and not first try to change the world, but to realize that the world is merely a manifestation – a reflection – of our thought forms.  Change your mind.

~ Marianne Williamson ~

Let your mind take you to new places that you have never been before, open your mind and see abundance, replace the eyes of yesterday with new eyes of prosperity, and success. The mind is an untapped resource that can make you successful or confine you to a life of misery. The world is not viewed with your eyes but with your mind. Go boldly in the direction of your vision.

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