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There is but one law for all … the law of our Creator, the law of humanity, justice, equality — the law of nature …   ~ Edmund Burke ~

The law of nature is in simple terms, the law of cause and effect.  We also expect the universe to be organized in a logical, orderly fashion and to obey uniform laws of cause and effect because the universe was created by the power of God.

Nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. The natural laws of Cause and Effect hold the Universe together. Every action sets into motion, a chain of effects throughout the Universe. We are constantly creating our own realities by our actions as there is no such thing as an accident, nor is there a coincidence. Nothing happens by chance. For every action in nature, there will be an opposite reaction. It is important to use our free will wisely. Every decision we have made in life has set events into motion creating effects that we are now experiencing. Right now, our thoughts are manifesting our reality. Change your thoughts and change your actions and you change your life.

“Situations seem to happen to people, but in reality, they unfold from deeper karmic causes. The universe unfolds to itself, bringing to bear any cause that needs to be included. Don’t take this process personally. The working out of cause and effect is eternal. You are part of this rising and falling that never ends, and only by riding the wave can you ensure that the waves don’t drown you. The ego takes everything personally, leaving no room for higher guidance or purpose. If you can, realize that a cosmic plan is unfolding and appreciate the incredibly woven tapestry for what it is, a design of unparalleled marvel.” ~ Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life ~

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