The Challenge of Living

To abolish all valleys is to get rid of all mountains.  ~ Alan W. Watts ~

The important thing to remember when you’re in a valley, is that you won’t stay there forever. Valley’s are temporary, even when they seem to last an eternity.  Inevitably, you find yourself back on top again. Sometimes just remembering that can be the encouragement you need to endure.  And not all valleys are huge. We all know that to appreciate the mountain highs, we have to experience the valley lows. You will have many trials and sorrows, there will be people who will misunderstand you; they will criticize you, talk evil about you, and judge you unfairly in the valley. The valleys are only temporary and we all will go through them, and then we will come out of it with a victory. And so it is.

Remember that no matter how much rain falls, how loud the thunder crashes, or how close the lightening strikes, believing in your personal spirituality will get you through any situation you may experience in life. Get out and do things. If you wait until you feel like doing something, you often won’t do it, but if you decide to take action no matter what your feelings, stay focused, then good feelings will follow.

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