Peace Prayer


Sweet Spirit:  Thank You for the faculty of imagination.  I imagine a world at perfect peace.  I imagine harmony, joy and friendship between people.  I imagine a world free of disease.  I imagine clean air and water everywhere.  I imagine freedom for all people.  I imagine a planet where love is the law.  I imagine Heaven on Earth.  And so it is.  Amen.

“Unless and until we have peace deep within us, we can never hope to have peace in the outer world. You and I create the world by the vibrations that we offer to it. If we can invoke peace and then offer it to somebody else, we will see how peace expands from one to two persons, and gradually to the world at large. Peace will come about in the world from the perfection of individuals. If you have peace, I have peace, he has peace, and she has peace, then automatically universal peace will dawn.” ~ Sri Chinmoy, The Jewels of Happiness: Inspiration and Wisdom to Guide Your Life-Journey ~

“When you love yourself, you teach those around you how to love themselves. That love will change the world into what it was intended to be.” ~ Eileen Anglin ~

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