To bless is not a prerogative only of ministers, priests, and rabbis; it is not the exclusive domain of saints and holy people.  It is a natural human ability, and anyone can do it.  But first we must claim that ability.    ~ David Spangler (Blessing:  The Art and the Practice)    ~

We, as Christians, all have the ability to bless other people and other things.  It is an extremely powerful prayer tool and every Christian should try and do it on some kind of a regular basis.  You never know how far God will actually work with you in this realm.

15 Ways to Bless others:

Smile and say hello to others

Give up a parking space for someone else

Hold the door for others

Let someone else go in line ahead of you

Share coupons at the store

Pick up things that have fallen off the shelves

Be kind and patient towards the cashier

Say “thank you”

Give a stranger a sincere compliment

Put extra change in a parking meter

Pick up trash

Wave others on at a stop sign

Pay for someone else’s meal

Be kind and patient towards your waiter

Leave a generous tip.

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