Your business is to live with a whole heart, act in harmony with your values, and find peace through your own integrity.    ~ Alan Cohen (Wisdom of the Heart)  ~

Webster describes integrity as “soundness of moral character.” Integrity has to do with being morally sound.  A person with integrity knows what is important to God and consistently lives in light of that importance.  A person with the integrity of heart is a morally and spiritually healthy individual.

“But what does it really mean to be strong? Every day it will take all your strength to be in the world, but not of it. You will have to turn the other cheek when other people hurt you. You will suffer through false gossip, games, temptation, spiteful people, lies, betrayal, deceit and even people who will crush your spirit, in order to win. However, you got to understand that isn’t being strong. It is easy to repair your reputation, by standing on others. It is easy to blame everyone, except yourself. It is easy not to be humble or empathetic.

It is easy to be silent, rather than speak the truth. It is so easy to care more about your own ego and what people think in this world than to be honest. Is that strong? No, it is being weak and only the weak see it as strength. TRUE strength will take every tear of faith you have to make it through this world, without hating, hurting or expecting an apology. This is what a daughter or son of God has to do, in order to truly live in peace. They understand that some things are more important than how this world perceives them. It is how they perceive themselves and align it with God’s true definition of strength— integrity, humility and grace under fire.” ~ Shannon L. Alder ~

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