Winter is the time of love and of taking the light within.    ~ Terry Lynn Taylor ~

Winter, it is a beautiful time of the year…if you are inside.  Tis’ the season, though, to step outside. Take a walk around the block to get your blood pumping.  But just like many animals that undergo hibernation, we also need to conserve energy and replenish our reserves.

Winter frost can be a spiritual teacher for us if we just open our hearts and our minds to it. There are plenty of other winter wonders that can spur our imagination and send us on our way rejoicing. Look around you on a cold day and find your spiritual teacher.   For Christians, winter is the season in which God shows hospitality to humankind through the incarnation, but it is also the season in which we are enjoined to reflect that hospitality by opening hearts and hands to God and neighbor.”  Rejoice and be glad, for we are blessed!

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