Treasure the friendship you receive above all.  It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished.   ~ Og Mandino  ~

A true friendship always has a foundation in love, because love is what gives us the good in our life.   Friends serve various purposes in our life. Some are there for only a short time, others are there forever.   It has been well said: “A friend is someone who knows us and likes us anyway.” Thank God for the friendships that have helped us grow in faith and maturity over the years!   A true friend walks in when everybody else is walking out.   May God help more of us to be a great friend to others.

Friendships have a big part in establishing who we are as individuals. Friends make us happier. They help us understand ourselves as individuals. Relatives are an important part of life, but we cannot choose them. Friends we have chosen. Friendships are important for well-being, but they take time to develop and can’t be artificially created. We usually pick our friends that are similar to us. We can count on a close friend to help us through thick and thin and we know they will be there, as we will for them. Friends keep us from being lonely.

Friends are needed for survival. People who have friends are often healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. Friends help influence our life. They know us so well that they are able to see things that we can’t. They can give us a much needed reality check when we need it. If we are happy, our friends usually are happy. If they are happy, it increases the chance that we will be happy, too.

Friends just don’t help us get there, they go there with us. They make life easier to enjoy.

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