When we can see the innocent Sacred Presence even in the person we most despise, we are enabled to address that Presence within them.  Rather than counter-attacking when we feel attacked, Jesus tells us to search within our common humanity for whatever motive might have caused the attack.  We can unite with the attacker from the inside by assuming that from their perspective, their motives are no less human and understandable than our own motives seem to ourselves.

Having recognized our common humanity and our common dependence on Sacred Energy, we are ready to find a movement that mates with theirs so as to do and/or say the appropriate thing and thus create peace.       ~ Virginia Ramey Mollenkott  (Sensuous Spirituality)    ~

When we listen deeply to another person, we not only recognize their wrong perceptions, but we also identify our own wrong perceptions about ourselves and about the other person. That is why mindful dialogue and mindful communication is crucial to removing anger and violence.

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