Ego is not Self, it just pretends to be.  Without ego, there’s still someone who likes chocolates or avoids cooked carrots, who cusses up a storm or speaks very gently, still someone who represents a unique snowflake of God’s power operating through one individuated form.      ~ Bo Lozoff (It’s a Meaningful Life:  It Just Takes Practice)   ~

While your ego does a necessary job of helping you function in the world, it is your Self that creates a more authentic, soulful way to exist. The ego is difficult to define because the ego isn’t one specific thing.  It is actually made up of many different beliefs that a person acquires over their life.  The ego is the false-self’s field of consciousness, just as the soul is the true-Self’s primary field of consciousness, which is the core of our being.   The Self is the spiritual element; the mind, heart and body are the human elements; and the field of pure awareness (soul) unites them all into a Human Being.

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