Sometimes people get the mistaken notion that spirituality is a separate department of life, the penthouse of existence.  But rightly understood, it is a vital awareness that pervades all realms of our being.   ~ David Steindl-Rast ~

Like everything else in life, spiritual growth is mastered through practice.  Start by making prayer part of your daily routine. Set aside time in your day, every day, to acknowledge the good in your life and be thankful for all that you have been given.  Understand and appreciate that before we can love others, we must first learn to love and accept ourselves.  Believe that every stage of inner growth is good and is nurtured by God.  Then when it’s time to move on, don’t hesitate to let go.  Spirituality helps you realize that true peace of mind is within yourself and you come to realize that peace of mind is an internal, not external, journey.

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