Remember …You can do wonders if you keep trying.  You can cope with anything; you really can.  In-depth faith always wins over difficulties.  Keep going strong with the excitement principle.  ~ Dr. Norman Vincent Peale  ~

If you stop working toward something important to you just because it’s feeling uncomfortable, you lose that opportunity to succeed. Doing nothing is the fastest road to depression.  Don’t quit trying!

“I would rather try and fail at something than not try at all. Because if I don’t try to do something, I will be filled with wonder on whether or not I could’ve succeeded, and not soon after that wonder will turn to regret. I refuse to live my life wondering and regretting what could’ve been. I want to live my life with the satisfaction of knowing I tried no matter if I succeed or fail.”

“Don’t try to worry about the things that could’ve happened. Just wonder about the things that can still happen and fight for them. Because anything worth fighting for will happen in time. When people tell you that you aren’t something or you can’t accomplish your dreams, you can either cry about it or prove them wrong.” ~ Imania Margria, Secrets of My Heart ~

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