That seemingly scary condition, whatever it may be, is not the problem.  It’s your reaction that has you shaking. And that’s why, if you’ll become conscious of a fearful condition instead of afraid of it, you’ll change forever your relationship with fear.  ~Guy Finley (Design Your Destiny)  ~

One of fear’s common tricks is to make us second-guess ourselves. Am I sure? What if this is the wrong thing? What if, what if, what if? Once you make your decision, be at peace with it.

Whenever you feel fear, switch it over to what you are grateful for instead. If you’re afraid of public speaking, be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people, and that they are there to genuinely listen to what you have to say.

If you feel fear overtaking your thoughts, take in the world around you. Put your attention on what’s around you right now. Nothing else. Just focus on the people walking by outside your window, the muffled words and noises from the street, the smells around you and the sun shining in and warming your skin.

The more our thoughts are full of fear, the more active the stress response becomes.   This will create the state of being anxious and afraid all the time.   Never underestimate the power of a walk.  Walking can reduce some of the adrenaline in your bloodstream.  This will help you relax and feel much better abut life.  We also have to identify our fears because we kill fear by embracing it.

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