You can’t punish yourself into change.  You can’t whip yourself into shape.  But you can love yourself into well-being.    ~ Susan Skye  ~

Thinking well of ourselves may protect both the heart and immune system.  High self-esteem makes us feel safer when faced with threats, which tends to be related to social status rather than physical danger.

Treat people and yourself as you want others to treat you. Be kind, forgiving and honest with yourself. Be generous with your appreciation. You teach people by your tone and example how you expect them to treat you.  Be the friend you want others to be for you.  Don’t expect more from others than they are capable of giving, for it might be all that they have to give.

Establish a relationship with the divine or God in whatever way feels right for you. Pray, meditate, connect with nature, express gratitude often.  When you know how to love yourself, you naturally begin to treat others with the same love and kindness. They will generally reciprocate in kind. You will attract more loving people into your life.

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