Free to Be


The seed of freedom must be planted in the innermost being of man, but like the Prodigal Son, man must make the great discovery for himself.  ~ The Science of Mind, Page 25  ~

Freedom comes not from what is gained, but from what is let go. Real freedom is freedom from fear, where you’re truly free from guilt, worry, bitterness, and death. You’re free to quit pretending because you’re free to be yourself. Can we do whatever we want to do? No. We cannot do whatever makes us happy even if that is the message from our culture. Freedom is doing what we were created to do and doing what is right. We do have the freedom to decide what we do with information that we are given, how we interpret our life, and how we make new decisions.

When you understand the true power of the freedom you have inside of you, you will realize that there are no limits in life. Understand that, and an incredible power becomes available to you. When we dig out the thoughts that cloud our minds, our essence that has always been there will be realized. We have to be aware of the workings of our minds. They tend to cling to what we like, and avoid what we don’t. But we do know that what happens in the outside world, we always have the ability to be free within, unconditionally.

Freedom is in every moment, not in the future, not in the past, but right now.  True freedom enables us to accept both good and bad without identifying with either. Freedom is an inner awareness, a knowing that nothing can touch the truth of who we are; it is the “I am” that is within everyone.

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