Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.    ~ Les Brown ~

When you realize how true Mr. Brown’s statement is, it’s then, that your opinion of yourself should always remain your reality. Take solace in the fact that nobody knows you like you do, so trust in you. There is no single, uniform reality that is consistent among all of us.

Don’t let others define you. Don’t let them tell you who you are, or what you can or cannot do. Mistakes and appearances do not define you.  You are much more than just the sum of the mistakes you’ve made. Your past mistakes are not brands of shame, but teachers, stimuli to change and do better. Never sacrifice who you are, or who you aspire to be, because someone else has a problem with it. Love who you are inside and out, and keep pushing forward.

Most people will tell you what they believe is best for you. They have good intentions and thus their opinion is essentially good, since they are telling you what they believe is right. However, even if their opinions are coming from a good place, you still need to be independent of them. Make sure you approve of who you are and what you do—that’s what matters!

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