See others with an open heart. Recognize that everyone has value. Be respectful to everyone you interact with. Give them a chance to talk, don’t say or do anything insulting, respect their differences, and generally treat them the way that you would want to be treated.

The most important part of interacting well with others is to listen to them. It’s a lot less about how much you say or how you say it, and mostly down to how you respond to the things that you really hear them say. Practice your basic listening skills, as well as your ability to read between the lines, and you’ll be interacting like a pro in no time!

Be more confident in yourself. You never know what you are capable of until you try. You may find that others think your contributions to discussions are interesting, worthwhile, and important. Besides, those kinds of conversations can be a great opportunity to widen your knowledge about different subjects which might help your confidence in the future.

Everyone around you affects your mood, and you affect theirs. Try getting into the habit of smiling, walking with energy rather than shuffling and slumping, and enjoying your surroundings.

We begin to follow Christ’s lead when we interact with people through love. His lead is incarnate. This means we are to live among, and rub shoulders with, those who need us. We can’t love at a distance. You cannot commute to a calling. This is the essence of living a life of love and justice–entering into the daily reality of others and reflecting the love of God into their lives.

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