We are looking not so much for more ground to conquer, but for a truer ground of being on which to stand inside ourselves.  The most positive breakthroughs of our times are internal.  The drama of personal actualization is rarely reported in the mainstream press, except in irreverent, often ignorant tones.  What is the story, after all?  The story is an inner drama, in a world beneath the surface of things.  When the eyes are closed, light isn’t seen.  But still it works its miraculous transformations.

Both men and women are becoming more authentic and powerful, as the light within us grows and intensifies.  We are beginning to see ourselves in a new perspective, to generations before and after us, to the earth, to each other, to God.  We are beginning to recognize simultaneously our many human weaknesses and our many divine strengths.   ~Marianne Williamson ~

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