We are Unique


The Holy Spirit accepts people unconditionally.  To the ego, this is an outrageous thought, because unconditional love is the death of the ego.  How will people grow if we all go around just accepting each other as we are all the time?  Accepting people as they are has the miraculous effect of helping them improve.  Acceptance doesn’t prohibit growth; rather, it fosters it   ~ Marianne Williamson  ~

If we want to live a happy, peaceful life, we must accept people as they are, too.  To do that, we must acknowledge the differences that makes someone unique.   If you cannot first accept yourself, you will not be able to accept others.  To accept someone is to show respect for, and validation of who they are, what they do, and for the life and path they chose.  Acceptance is a gift that gives back to us daily.

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