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Our Journey to Heaven requires us to live a good, peaceful life.  We must be prepared to assume responsibility and accept consequences for our actions. This involves taking control of our thoughts and making them healthier. We must trust in the path of our life. Sometimes that path seems very hard, it’s our job to think positively and release the negativity we have been saving. Life is hard, but if we go with the flow of the hardships, we start learning. All things happen for a reason.

Be patient, generous, thoughtful, and find real compassion for others in your heart. Reconnect with peaceful and content feelings. Peace and love has to come from within. Love is not restricted to just one person. We are all interconnected. When we start to love ourselves, we will start to love others more. Try extending kindness to someone who really needs a friend.

Try to be fully present in every moment. Spend more time observing nature. Look up as you walk outside. Find your spiritual path and then study and follow that path with full commitment. Listen to beautiful music with positive messages.

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Follow through on all of your commitments. Be fully aware of everything happening around you. Be conscious in the moment and do whatever it is you’re doing, one-hundred percent.

Know what is ultimately important and what is not. Remember that we are all human and in this journey together.

At the beginning of the journey, we had boundless energy and made quick progress.  But, as we move closer to our core, our hidden beliefs that live in the shadows and secretly call the shots become exposed.  They try to convince the ego to bring out the heavy artillery and initiate a take-no-prisoners fight to the finish.  What recourse do we have during this dark night of the soul?  Let the ego fight.  And while it’s distracted with its business, let’s take every opportunity to go within, to go deeper than ever before, until we’re in heaven.

~ Tami Coyne & Karen Weissman (The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything)

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