Mysticism is a vital part of the Christian heritage. It is actually the core of Christian spirituality. Mysticism is the direct experience of God. Everyone who wants to love unconditionally is a mystic.

Mystics understand that there is a plan behind every action in the Universe, and therefore trust that every action has purpose, even if it’s not understood what the next moment will bring. Mystics also trust in themselves and their connection to the Universe that they will be able to interpret any signs and act accordingly. Mystics feel that personal growth toward the universe’s ultimate plan must come from within. It cannot be dictated or ordered.

Their watch toward glory despite outward horrors has made the mystics of all time the most powerful engines for miraculous good that the world has held.   ~ Emma Curtis Hopkins ~ 

Mystics feel a need to serve others in order to help guide them through obstacles and critical life decisions.   Because of their innate intuition, they have a high level of trust in their own morality and inner self.   Mystics feel that personal growth toward the Universe’s ultimate plan must come from within.  They trust in the Universe’s plan for salvation.

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