There is a power in the Universe that honors our faith in it.  ~ The Science of Mind  ~

This world is an impartial, neutral reflection of what we choose to focus on and think about. This means, if we carry around belief patterns that the world is against us, the Universe will reflect situations to us that feel that way.

You can choose to believe that everyone is out to get you and that more bad luck is right around the corner. Or you can choose to believe that, in some way that you don’t completely understand, you are being loved, supported, and held by the Universe. You are being guided through situations and events that are for your highest good.

The power of the Universe is complex. If we want to have the Universe work in a positive way for us, we should put our focus and energy together with that of the Universal Force, and begin plotting for the good we want in our life. Combine our force with the Universal Force, and direct it toward creating what we desire.

Demonstrate your faith in the Universe by expecting to receive what you desire. Operate with calm trust that ALL is working for your Highest Good.   Understand that every living thing has consciousness.  They all  have a connection to everything else in the Universe.   The Power in the Universe shows that people, animals and plants are all connected to the hidden energy of universal consciousness.  This energy passes through the entire Universe and bonds all of us together.

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