Life is not a random event.  It has purpose and provides for the unfoldment of a divine plan with opportunities to make choices and decisions in every moment.         ~ Collin C. Tipping (Radical Forgiveness)  ~

If you are faced with a difficult choice, weigh the pros and cons. Take some time and thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of your situation. Work to determine which situation will provide you with the most good and least bad. Don’t let fear decide. Push your fear aside and recognize that you need to make a choice that’s based on what’s best, not a choice based on what you are afraid of.

Believe in the choice you’ve made and remind yourself that everything is happening as it should. Once you’ve made your choice, make sure that you don’t look back. Know that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to and that you have done the very best you could to make your choice.

Choose things that will bring your loved one’s peace. Choose things that will not make those who love you, hurt by your decisions. Choose what’s best for you, and if you don’t care about what’s best for you, then choose to try and learn to love yourself, because there are many people that do.

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