To Choose


Choose Wisdom! We all need wisdom in order to make the best choices for our life. We need to know the difference between instinct, which animals use to survive, and using choice, which we can use wisely to live a healthy, productive life.

When we make foolish choices, it often leads to worsening circumstances. One bad decision can lead to another. We learn wisdom by living life. Experiences in life can give us the ablity to grow in being wise. Wise people take time to reflect and make right choices. Wisdom in handling the knowledge you possess is of huge benefit to everyone. Wisdom can be gained by those whom we choose to have around us.

Choices. We make hundreds of them every day. Most are unimportant. Some are very important. We do get to choose. If we don’t choose, we will simply live by chance. Choose to live by choice, not chance. We must make our own choices and be accountable for the choices we make. Regret is the result of making wrong choices.

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next; Skill is knowing how to do it, and Virtue is doing it.” ~ David Starr Jordan

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