An amazing thing happens when we slow down.  We start to get flashes of inspiration.  We reach a new level of understanding and even wisdom.  In a quiet moment, we can get an intuitive insight that can change our entire life and the lives of the people around us in incredibly positive ways.  And those changes can last a lifetime.  Living more simply will make it possible to create those quiet moments.  Out of those quiet moments, miracles happen.  Be open to them.      ~ Elaine St. James (Living the Simple Life:  Scaling Down and Enjoying More)

When someone talks to you, instead of jumping in with something about yourself, just listen. Absorb. Reflect their thoughts back to them. Appreciate their beauty.

Create a little quiet space in the morning. Just sit and put your attention on your breath, returning when your thoughts distract you. Instead of rushing to do something, take a breath and slow down. In the quiet space that you create, in this world of noise and rushing and distraction, is a new world of reflection, peacefulness, and beauty. It’s a world of your own, and it’s worth living in.

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