We are each different. No two raindrops are exactly alike No two human beings have ever been or will ever be exactly alike. Just as a snowflake, there are people who have similar fingerprints, but none are exactly the same. No two things in the Universe are exactly the same. The Universe is composed of many things of different size, shape, color, texture and pattern with no two thing being exactly the same. They may be similar to each other in some way or form, but are different. No two things in the physical Universe are exactly alike, no two things contain the exact identity. Animals, mountains, etc;, all have some degree of similarity. Every time a new plant is formed, it is shaped with similarities of other plants, but all are different. Gravity and water appear to be very different from each other, but they have some degree of similarity.

The Universe is made up of many stars and planets. Each has it’s own place. Even with all the stars systems in the Universe, we know they have their own place within the galaxy. No two things are in the exact same place at the exact same time. Everything is interdependent and connected. Everything is divided with no two things being in the exact same place, everything is connected with no two things being so divided that they don’t have some degree of relatedness. Everything is unique, and at the same time, similar.

“All objects in the universe are unique. No two things that happen by chance ever happen in exactly the same way. No two things are ever constructed or manufactured in exactly the same way. No two things wear in exactly the same way. No two things ever break in exactly the same way.” ~ Joe Nickell ~

“Nature, which has established a chain of being and a universal order in the universe, descending from the angels to microscopic animalcules, has ordained that no two objects shall be perfectly alike and no two creatures perfectly equal.” ~ John Adams ~

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