Constantly remind yourself, “I am a member of the whole body of conscious things.”  If you think of yourself as a mere “part,” then love for mankind will not well up in your heart; you will look for some reward in every act of kindness and miss the boon which the act itself is offering.  Then all your work will be seen as a mere duty and not as the very porthole connecting you with the Universe itself.   ~  Marcus Aurelius (Two Suns Rising)  ~

“I am a member of the whole body of conscious things.”  We are all connected and whole. We are all part of a bigger picture that transcends earthly dogma, fear and even ego.   Each one of us, with our own individual personal beliefs about God or the Universe or Spirit, know there is something to be learned from seeing ourselves as part of a whole.   As a whole, complete body, we become part of that beauty.

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