An angel, robed in spotless white; Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night; Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone; Men saw the blush and called it Dawn.  ~ Paul Laurence Dunbar ~

Dawn ushers in the opportunity for us to experience a new day, with new hopes, new dreams, new people and chances and opportunities to grow.    Dawn gives us a fresh day to appreciate things and people around us; to appreciate life and never take any day for granted.

Each new day brings good and bad. Each new dawn offers great opportunity as well. The chance to make new decisions, do new things, make new friends. Each new day also gives you the chance to maintain what you have and enjoy it to the fullest.

Dawn reminds us that it’s time to enjoy the miracle that is our life by starting fresh.  We can’t change yesterday but we can focus on today, and live it to its fullest potential.

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