Creating our Reality begins when we understand that all beliefs began with the accumulation of our thoughts. Our reality, what is true for us, is why we respond the way we do because of how and what we think and believe.   We are the creators of our own life.  If we don’t like what we have created through self-expression, we can choose to change our thoughts to create a new reality for ourselves.  To accomplish this, we must be aware of the power that we all have and act accordingly.

We can control our thoughts. We can create the reality we want by putting energy into the universe that confirms who we are as the person we want to be. Becoming conscious of the fact that we create our own reality and that we are not puppets of our circumstances is the only way to change these thoughts and modify them. Only we can change how we see things. At the same time, our emotional state, too, will adapt to how we understand each one of our experiences, how we live them, and how we integrate them into our learning.

We create our reality from our thoughts. There are neither good nor bad emotions. There are only necessary reactions to what we experience. They are indications of what is happening to us, and dealing with them helps us to form a great understanding of ourselves.

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