If you want to change things in the world, if you want a better life, start from within. Don’t let life’s challenges throw you off track. Real growth comes with hard work and sweat. Being too comfortable doesn’t help us grow – it makes us stagnate. Learning and growing in life is important for lasting happiness.

You can never be too kind to someone. In fact, most of us don’t show enough kindness to people around us. Being kind helps us to cultivate other qualities such as compassion, patience, and love. When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life.

When you like yourself more, when your opinion of yourself goes up, then you’ll stop trying so eagerly to get validation and attention from other people. Sometimes it is necessary to put “YOU” first. Start by making time for exercise, get out in nature.  Take a walk and breathe the fresh air.

Add fun activities to your life. Spread kindness to others by doing random acts of kindness to unsuspecting strangers for no reason. Doing something is always better than not doing anything. You may want to start by volunteering for a cause you believe in.

Do the things you enjoy for an entire day. A day just for you. Don’t take everything so seriously. Share a smile, a smile makes you and everyone around you feel better. The more you laugh, the better you’ll feel.

The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”  ~ Robert M. Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:  An Inquiry into Values) ~

Make a commitment for positive improvement.  Thinking about a positive future helps you imagine a reality where you are the best self you can be.  The human potential is limitless, so it’s impossible to reach a point of no growth. We are responsible for our personal growth so start now becoming the best you can be.  You will be glad you did.

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