Loving Spirit:  Love, justice, mercy, wholeness, peace and compassion are values we aspire to live daily.  May our focus on these core beliefs guide everything we think, say or do.  We are aware of the effects of our decisions on other people and species.  Thank You for clear direction and for the unfolding pattern of perfection that is at the center of all life.  May love have its way today and always.  And so it is.  Amen.

When living a spiritual life, we are expected to act in a way that shows honestly, the exact opposite of what our human tendencies are. Instead of getting mad and getting even we are to bless our enemies.  Blessing our enemies is not easy.  But what if we try treating them with kindness.  Will they treat us the same way?  Probably not, but if we don’t treat them with love, we are not children of God.  If we act lovingly towards ourselves and each other, than that truly is the most pleasant and blessed thing that we can do with our lives.

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