An angel can fly directly into the heart of the matter.

Your angels will help you in many miraculous and yet subtle ways that many people overlook or see as simply being a coincidence.  Angels help in a variety of ways, so be open to how their assistance appears. It may be direct and miraculous, or they may help you more subtly in the form of a nudge in the right direction, through a healing dream… or by aligning you with the right people and events to reach your goals.

If you ask for healing energy from your Angels, you may feel the subtle energies go to work in the form of a warmth or tingling sensation… you may even sense a pleasant smell, or hear the soft sweet sounds of the angelic realm.

When you ask your angels for help… pay attention to what is around you, and increase your awareness if you want to know their presence.  Ask your angels to make themselves known to you, and to help you on your path in a way that is real and obvious to you.

Know that the more you think, love, and desire to connect with your angels… the more real their assistance and presence will feel to you when they do respond. Stay positive after you ask your angels for help, and act on your promptings, as they very well may be from Angels trying to help you.

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