Angels are speaking to all of us … some of us are just listening better.

Dreams seem to be the most common method of communication and guidance, but is probably the least understood and the most discarded by many people. As adults, we often tell our children after being awaken by a dream to go back to sleep because, “It was only a dream.” Or, when we are awakened by a dream, we often comfort ourselves by telling ourselves, “Oh, I was only dreaming.” That dream which you may be disregarding may contain the guidance that you requested and were unable to hear through any other method.  Our angels use dreams to communicate with us.

Our angels are continually giving us guidance and answers in response to our prayers and request. They hear and respond to every thought that we have. The problem is that we often don’t accept their response and are too busy disagreeing with the guidance that is being delivered because it didn’t fit into what we were looking for. So we often disregard the information as, “It’s only a dream.” A dream can be a great tool for our growth if we can learn how to understand and listen to what our angels are saying in them.

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