Little Angel


Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique.

~Jaclyn Smith ~

Angels are helpers, whose function is to protect our minds from the temptations of the ego so that the Christ in us may grow to full strength and maturity.   God in His infinite Love for us has sent help in countless forms, including His Angels. He wants us to know just how much help we really have, so that we will call upon that help in time of need.

Angels are everywhere, we just have to look. There are womanly Angels that radiate warmth. If you listen closely, you can here their flutter of wings. There are winged cherubs in the park. So many things are softer as transformations take place. Their great wings rustle open the way a curtain opens. Have you tried to sense an Angel’s presence, hear their voices in our thoughts, dream about them, receive signs?

Angels are part of another dimension called Heaven. Angels will appear in physical form if they need to interact with you and you are not understanding their initial attempt at delivering their message. Whether you see them or not, Angels are always near, just look around.

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