Angels walk softly and carry a big presence.

Angels are messengers from God. We all have our own guardian angel, given to us for guidance and comfort. Once you’ve asked your angel for assistance, stop worrying. Have faith that the angels are working on your behalf to bring about the realization of your dreams.  You may think that you know exactly what you want to have happen, but the angels don’t work that way, they know what is best for you. They often work in indirect ways, such as through other people. Strangers can often pass along messages from angels if we are open to receiving them. If we believe in a higher being, if we believe in sacrifice, and if we believe in the Lord’s guidance, then we believe in angels. Trust them. And then we need to listen.

There are different kinds of angels in the world and God sends them to us when we need them the most, at just the right time and at just the right place. They are out there and they are with us, we just have to believe. They are our symbol of hope. Everyone has at least one guardian angel, and they are sent by God to be our protectors. Their job is to guide us through life as they love us unconditionally. Angels are with us every day from the day we were born. Trust them to make things easier for us, as they are a gift from God. They will do what they can. When things get tough, stressful and difficult, ask your guardian angel for help and guidance. Trust them to help, and they will.

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