It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow.    ~ Ralph Ellison   ~

If you feel you need change in your life, start by focusing on one task at a time. Focusing on just one goal will help you to grow and to achieve. While it might seem very difficult, focusing on only one goal is the most powerful way of achieving change. When you try to take on many tasks at once, you’re spreading thin your focus and energy — the two critical components for achieving change.

Changing your life for the better starts with your attitude about your life. Only you know what you want your life to be and only you have the power to make the choices necessary to create change in your life for the better. When you realize what is important in your life, take action and set goals. These goals can help us to be motivated to change our lives for the better and can help us accomplish our desire to be happy.

Everything that you want to achieve begins with a thought. Thoughts are made of the living, breathing, creative energy that makes everything possible, so use your thoughts wisely. Try to always see the glass as half full, and not half empty. Positive thinking can change the way you feel and make your life more enjoyable. The only person that is usually holding you back from accomplishing your dreams is you.

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