The Path


Sweet Spirit: Your love needs to express through each willing soul who is dedicated to his or her spiritual journey. Let me be that willing soul. Move through me, work through me, love through me, live through me. And so it is. Amen.

Our spiritual journey begins with our birth, and continues throughout our life. When we sin, we are missing God’s mark; not doing what God asked us to do. God asked us to love ourself, others and God all the time. God knows that this is the only way to happiness, joy and peace. But as we go through life, we pick up bad habits that make us miserable. We lie, gossip, eat too much, drink too much, treat our mother or father disrespectfully, etc. As you draw closer to God, you will want to leave more and more of this sin behind. You will want to purify yourself so you can move closer to God, and become more like God. God becomes the example you want to follow.

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