“Significance is discovered in the heart. It is here that it is cultivated and nurtured as it imparts meaning to everything you put your hand to. It spills forth from a life rooted in the source of significance itself – divine love. This takes what may appear as mundane, simple tasks and makes them pregnant with love-rooted-significance.” ~ Michael M. Rose ~

We are not valuable because we are a member of a certain group or because we call God by a certain name.  We are not valuable because we follow a guru or observe a certain diet.  We are valuable because we are a spark of the divine.  And the only thing gurus, priests, rabbis and elders can do for us is point us back in the direction of home, and home is, of course, within.   ~ Darren John Main (Spiritual Journeys along the Yellow Brick Road)    ~

With my connection to the Divine Spark, as a connection with God, I choose the path of love, peace and harmony. As I am a spark of the divine,  I welcome the divine energy through me every moment of every day without hesitation. We can all live in this world, guided by the source, the divine, moving effortlessly in concert with the creative energy that not only brought us into being, but which sustains us daily.

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