Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined. ~ Deepak Chopra ~

Serendipity then is that moment of clarity when you discover that you’re where you need to be.

Serendipity happens. But it only has an impact when it’s perceived. To perceive we have to be able to receive. We have to be open to seeing, to hearing, to admitting the truth, to risking and to creating. We have to have the space in which to be receptive. Having the space means creating time for a quiet mind, for just being. Things flow into place unexpectedly when our mind is free and our body is in motion.

Once you have opened up your mind to the possibility of serendipity and the fact that it might be happening all the time around you, start following the signs that you are being presented. You might not believe at all in this strange game but we would ask you to try it for a week and see where it leads you.

We know serendipity is real, and it is unlimited.

We believe that serendipity happens all the time. If we look at any of the people we have an ongoing relationship with and how we met those people, we’ll probably find a number of happy accidents or coincidences which led us to meet them. We can find lots of examples of serendipity in our lives. If we look back on events that lead us to meet a significant person in our lives, move to a new location or get a new job, we can see the happy accidents that helped to us along the way.

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