According to scientists, humble people have an accurate picture of themselves—both their faults and their gifts—which helps them to see what might need changing within.  Humility as a virtue is a major theme of both the Old and New Testaments. Why do qualities such as courtesy, patience and deference have such a prominent place in the Bible? It is because a demeanor of humility is exactly what is needed to live in peace and harmony with all persons.

Humility dissipates anger and heals old wounds.  It allows us to see the dignity and worth of all God’s people.  Humility distinguishes the wise leader from the arrogant power-seeker.

Saying “thank you” means that we recognize the gifts that come into our lives and, as a result, acknowledge the value of other people. Very simply, gratitude can make us less self-focused and more focused on those around us—a hallmark of humble people.

Humility brings peace for it does not claim that you must rule the Universe, nor judge all things as you would have them be.   ~ The Song of Prayer ~

Humility is used as a way to remind us how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.   Being humble means accepting your limitations and making an effort to make the world a better place without wanting to take all the credit.  Humble people don’t expect to be given good things on a silver platter, but they do believe that good things will happen to them if they work hard enough.

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