It doesn’t matter what religion we are. It doesn’t matter what doctrine we ascribe to. It doesn’t matter what people say. What matters is that we open our inner eyes and see the beauty of the risen One in every heart and every leaf. The Christ is not a Christian concept. The Christ is a force of nature – our nature. It no more belongs to a particular group than the ocean belongs to Greenpeace. ~ Marianne Williamson ~

Christ is our creator and Nature is our mother, our home, our security, our peace, our past and our future. We should treat natural things and habitats as believers treat their temples and shrines, as sacred – to be revered and preserved in all their intricate and fragile beauty. What God has done and continues to do through creation is our assurance of what He can do and will do. God’s Word brought the world into existence.

It is when we get into nature that we feel a sense of right, as we feel most like the person we want to be. We should experience more energy than normal, while breathing in all the fresh air, making us more physically active. It is here we become more playful, anticipating all the adventures awaiting us.

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