There is an underlying harmony and rhythm that flows throughout the universe.  As we quiet our minds and listen with our hearts, we resonate with this great peace.  We concentrate on the ebb and flow of our breathing and find that our rhythm matches the universal rhythm.

Living in harmony with the universe, we acknowledge the divine order that exists in everything around us and within us. When we align ourselves with this natural flow, we release our perceived control and move effortlessly through our daily experiences. As a result, our feelings of tension ease and we can fully engage in each moment with a deeper level of awe, wonder, and enjoyment. When we align with the flow of energy of the universe, we create a simpler, easier way of living that will enhances our everyday experience.

There is universal harmony, and there is an eternal harmony. There is also a harmony we must maintain individually between our own body and soul and one to be maintained between us as separate individuals. To have harmony between body and soul we human beings must strive to learn love. If we watch each thought we think, each word we say and each action we perform, striving to bring them to a higher level, then the ultimate outcome of this effort will be peace and wisdom.

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