I used to pray that God would give me something — strength, wisdom, patience, the solution to a problem.  I was forever telling God what was wrong with my life and what God needed to do to fix it.  Today, I talk things over with God to decide what I can do, not what God should do.  This is the key to spiritual power, to finding God in so many wonderful places both ordinary and extraordinary.   ~ Father Leo Booth (Meditations for Compulsive People) ~

God will lead us to the spiritual path towards enlightenment if we just listen. People believe life to be a race, grabbing and stuffing as much light into their core… so they don’t have to be afraid of the dark anymore. Unwilling to accept they are the light itself. Just trust in a higher, spiritual power and you will be led to a path of peace and prosperity. The path is the key to spiritual power.

The answers are actually quite simple… Its just being human, needing challenges, people make their own spiritual path by embracing the answers, as they are the challenge.

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