Great Spirit:  We join our minds and hearts in prayer and celebration.  We celebrate Your essence within each of us.  We celebrate the Love which connects us.  We celebrate the work that we have before us.  Today, we reach out and bless every person who is reading this message.  We embrace each other like the members of a big family that we really are and we commit ourselves to live from love in all ways.  Each of us is Your ambassador and we let Your light shine through our lives into each workplace, town and home that we touch.  Together, we proclaim the Truth that You,Great Spirit, are Love, and that You love each person just as they are.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.  And so it is.  Amen.

Prayers For Joy And Laughter

Dear Lord Jesus, there are so many sad and troublesome things to face in the world today, which too often cause our hearts to become weighed down with difficulties and doubts – but I pray that Your joy would fill my heart and strengthen my soul.. and that times of joyful laughter would replace those seasons of weeping and hardship.

I pray that in Christ I may be clothed in strength and dignity, wisdom and grace and that I may be enabled to laugh in the storms and not to fear the future, knowing that our times are in Your hands and You have promised to draw near to each one of us.. and be with us in every circumstance of life that may come our way..

I pray that Your joy and laughter may flow through me to others who are facing similar difficulties and hardships – and that together we may maintain an ever deepening trust in You as we look for Your any day return to take us to be with Yourself – this I ask in Jesus name,


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